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the story of hausboom

The founders wanted to make a drink that tasted delicious. Simple as that! The founders admired the sophisticated sparkling juices common in Europe and decided to bring that fresh bright look to Malaysia; hence the name HAUSBOOM. “Haus” in Malay means thirsty and when you take that first sip of Hausboom, your taste buds will go BOOM! 

With humble beginnings, Hausboom was first created in a small factory in Kajang with a monthly production capacity of only 150,000 bottles. Aiming to be a major and formidable player in the beverage industry, the company needed to think big and dream big. 


Hausboom was created to fill the void in the market for premium, halal, carbonated beverages containing real fruit juice.


With plans to commercialize the product to the mass market, Hausboom expanded into a bigger 32,000 square feet facility in Terengganu capable of producing 3 million bottles a month to cater to our market penetration across the world. The company worked tirelessly and continued to invest resources, time and effort to build the brand and to elevate Hausboom to the trendy youth who were then unfamiliar with the merits of sparkling beverages. 


Within just 1 year of commercialization, Hausboom is now in 7-Eleven, MyNews, Petronas Mesra, Shell Select, Petron Treats, Aeon, and thousands of mini markets, restaurants, cafes and hotels in Malaysia. Hausboom can also be found all around the world such as China, Brunei, Maldives, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Yemen, Oman, Timor Leste, Seychelles, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore and Mongolia. 

IMG_9810 copy.jpg

This has garnered Hausboom the title of The Fastest Growing Beverage in South East Asia!

With a delicious beverage and bubbly outlook on life, Hausboom is READY to sparkle its way into the hearts of the world! 

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