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Creative expression comes in many forms, and many of them were on show at this year’s Art of Speed exhibition. This year marks the eighth iteration of the annual event, and while the display line-up spans a variety of mediums, the main draw of the show has always been the bevy of customised or special automobiles.


Hausboom has been the Official Beverage for Art of Speed event for three consecutive years since 2017.

Hb x HW.png
hot wheels meets hausboom

In Art of Speed 2019, Hausboom has levelled up our game by exclusively collaborating with Hot Wheels Global. Inspired by the culture custom spirit, Hausboom built a one of a kind 1:1 scale custom Volkswagen Beetle named Lil’ Beach as a giveaway during the event. The Lil’ Beach got its named from the theme beach concept approved by Mattel and Hotwheels Global. Initially the car was only made for display, but after a post on Twitter went viral, Hausboom decided to give it away as a lucky draw to one lucky winner at Art of Speed!


Hausboom also has built a life size blister box of 16ft tall for Lil’ beach which was approved by Hot Wheels Global and placed at the main entrance.

We have associated with Hotwheels by incorporating their iconic car models with our sparkling real juice flavours. Mattel has permitted Hausboom to merge the iconic car models on our drinks based on our flavours.

With the beach concept, we have also adapted our very first own mocktail bar as part of our activation for Art of Speed 2019. We have made 6 mocktails based on our 6 flavours which is Mat Salleh (Lemon), Purple Haze (Blackcurrant), Mangga (Mango), The Lover (Strawberry), Kampung Pandan (Guava) and Blue Lagoon (Lychee).




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