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#AkuPunyaHausboom is a custom label competition where we let the public design the Hausboom label in anyway they want. It is a unique and creative platform that is made to inspire the means for self-expression through digital and traditional mediums. What if Hausboom was yours? Here’s your chance to make it a reality!

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  • What is the deadlines for the contest?

    • The competition will start on 20th January 2020. The duration for this competition is 4 weeks. Submission deadline has been extended to the 29th of February 2020 followed by the Public Voting for Top 10 on our Instagram on the 1st March - 8th March 2020. The grand winner will be announced on Hausboom's social media on the 9th of March 2020. 

  • Do I have to post it on my Instagram?

    • We will only accept submissions that are sent through the submission form here with the Instagram link. Submissions posted on other social media accounts will not be entertained. 

  • What medium can I use for my design?

    • You can use any medium you want for this contest. Once you download the template here you can print it out or directly design it digitally.

  • Do I have to follow the theme?

    • All designs must follow one of the themes: #LokalLagiBoom or Wawasan 2020. 

  • Can I submit more than one design?

    • You can submit as many designs as you like!

  • Can I just design for one flavor only?

    • You have to design for all 6 flavors so it will be a complete and consistent set. 

  • What are the do’s and dont’s for designing the label?

    • You can check out the art guidelines here to show you what is allowed and not allowed.

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